My name's Alexa. I'm eighteen years old and a freshman in college. I criticize feminism a lot, like it or leave it.

What stalking is (but is not limited to):

  • Digging or hacking for personal information, images, videos, etc.
  • Posting or using that information to find the person or have others find them
  • Purposely or frequently following/watching someone in person (usually without wanting to be disovered)
  • Hacking into a person’s webcam and watching them
  • Repeatedly sending uncomfortable or alarming text messages, voice mails, or calls.

What stalking isn’t (but is also not limited to):

  • Someone going on your public blog
  • Someone reblogging your public post
  • Someone screencapping your public post on your public blog
  • Someone calling you out
  • Someone being annoying without any of the attributes above
  • Someone calling you a mean name once
Being stalked is an actual, traumatic thing. Calling everything anyone ever does to you that you don’t like stalking is belittling it and just being an asshole.
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